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Laura Marciano


Laura Marciano is attending the Doctoral Program at the Faculty of Communication Sciences at USI - Università della Svizzera italiana. At the Institute of Communication and Health (ICH), she collaborates in the SNF project MEDIATICINO2.0.

She did her graduate studies at Vita-Salute San Raffaele University (Milan, Italy), where, in 2014, she obtained a Bachelor degree in Psychology and, in 2016, a Master degree in Cognitive Neuroscience with Laude et Menzione ad Honorem.

During her graduate studies, she gained mastery over different statistical software tools and diverse quantitative research methods. She has collaborated in scientific publications with a predominantly methodological focus in the area of biomedicine. After successful completion of an internship at the centre for anxiety disorders at San Raffaele (Ville Turro) hospital, Laura joined the ICH as scientific collaborator working on the concept of health literacy. 

In 2018, she started her doctoral studies, which foresee a cumulative dissertation on the impact of new media on youth, focusing on the psychological, cognitive, physical and social aspects of development as well as the family context.