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Virgilio Berardocco


He was educated between Italy and Switzerland in Visual Arts and Comparative Literature, and in 2015 joins the Institute of History and Theory of Art and Architecture (ISA) of the Academy of Architecture (ARC-USI), where he carries out a PhD on Harald Szeemann and collaborates as an assistant with the Chairs of Methodologies of Art History, Artistic Experiences after '45, and Exemplars of the Historical City. 

His investigations stands at the crossroads of disciplinary fields such as artistic and literary culture in the 19th and 20th century, museology and museography, and curatorial studies. 

He is the author of some essays, including Sentieri interrotti: l’urlo di Franz Kafka, «Cenobio», n. 3, luglio-settembre 2011; “The Garden of Forking Paths”. The work by Rolando Raggenbass between image and word (with G. Bernasconi e P. Tedeschi-Pellanda), in Rolando Raggenbass. Retrospective, a cura di E. Schenini (Lugano, Museo Cantonale d’Arte, 25 febbraio-6 maggio 2012), Roda, Muzzano 2012; Conversazione con Hélène Binet, in Tracce. La Saceba, a cura di M. Brunner, Accademia di architettura, Mendrisio 2016; Appunti per una geografia artistica della Svizzera italiana: la térébrante souffrance di Giovanni Testori e il contra mundum di Harald Szeemann, «Theory and Criticism of Literature & Arts», maggio 2019; On Babel’s Ruins: The a-historical soundings of Harald Szeemann’s expository machine through thematic exhibitions, questioned authorship, and artists’ re-installations, «Revista de Estudios Globales y Arte Contemporáneo», Vol. 6, 2019.