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Lea Hasenzahl


Lea Hasenzahl is a Doctoral Student at the Faculty of Communication, Culture and Society at USI. She holds a MA degree in Economics and Communication (Major in International Tourism) obtained at USI and a BA in Sociology and Communication Sciences, obtained at Technische Universität Dresden (Germany). Her research interests include host-visitor-relationships, (sustainable) tourism development and the use of ICTs for mass public communication. With her Ph.D. research project she aims to explore "the public discourse around Chinese Outbound Tourism in Western societies" (working title). 

Lea is also a research associate of the UNESCO Chair in ICTs to develop and promote sustainable tourism in World Heritage Sites. She actively supports day-to-day activities (e.g. PR) and initiatives like "eLearning for Tourism during the time of Coronavirus", manages projects (Erasmus+ project on ICTs for sustainable tourism development), assists teaching activities and mentors interns. 

Lea speaks German, English and French, has elementary Mandarin skills and is currently learning Italian.