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Alireza Akhavan Anvari


Ali Akhavan is a Ph.D. student in management at the Institute of Management and Organization at the University of Lugano (University of Italian Switzerland –– USI). He focuses on using System Dynamics approach to describe and analyze organizational as well as social phenomena and concepts. Concentrating on Common Pool Resources, he is modeling water scarcity problems, which caused several social, political, and economic difficulties, especially in developing countries. 

Ali has been a teaching assistant of Business Dynamics and Project Management for master students at USI. He also teaches Project Dynamics workshops and gives tutorials about optimization models to master students in Humanitarian Logistics and Management. 

Having a B.Sc. in Physics from the Sharif University of Technology, Ali changed his path to investigate and learn underlying mechanisms of social events with his knowledge about mathematical modeling. He also holds a Master of Business Administration from the Sharif University of Technology.

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