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Elisa Galimberti


Elisa Galimberti is a Post-Doctoral Researcher working at the Institute of Communication and Health (ICH) on two projects founded by the Swiss National Science Foundation. The first one is centered on the factors influencing MMR acceptance and the seconf one is centered on the cognitive and emotional factors inluencing nedication adherence. Her  research interests are mainly focus within the domains of cognitive factors and processes that could influence treatment and medication adherence in different clinical populations.

She has a wide experience also as a teacher developed at the Vita-Salute San Raffaele  University (Milan, Italy). She taught several courses within the areas of general psychopatology, psychopatology of executive functions and psychiatry.


Quantitative Research Methods in Health Psychology, Clinical Psychology and Psychiatry – Neurocognition and Decision Making in Psychiatric Patients and Healthy Subjects