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Simone Buzzi


Researcher in philosophy, he studied English and American Literature, Philosophy, and Political sciences at the University of Lausanne (Bachelor's degree), post graduating then "with distinction" in the International Master course "Contemporary European Philosophies" at the Centre for research in Modern Philosophy (CRMEP) and at the University of Paris-VIII St-Denis, with a Thesis "On the Revolutionary Concept of Time in Walter Benjamin's Philosophy of History". To this day he's studying the genealogy of the epistemological principles of the Frankfurt School's Critical Theory, in particular the influence of Benjamin's thought in T. W. Adorno's philosophy of "Negative Dialectics".


Busy these days with a study on the epistemological presuppositions of Critical Theory, in particular on the influence of the Benjaminian concept ox "Experience" in T. W. Adorno's philosophy of "Negative Dialectics".