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SCCER-FURIES: Future Swiss Electrical Infrastructure (Phase 2)



Paolone Mario, EPFL


Alippi C.

(Co-Responsable USI)


Lukovic S.



SCCCER-FURIES II (Swiss Competence Center on Energy Research - Future Swiss Electrical Infrastructures) aims at utilization of comprehensive advanced data-based analysis of energy consumption data combined with power quality data to improve all aspects of grid management. We address the problem of standardization, collection and aggregation of the data from various sources that represent an input for data analysis. We create a software architecture that integrates and processes various data streams coming from different smart meters and power quality measurement devices (installed in substations) anonymizing the end clients for protecting their privacy while still preserving the relevance of the data.

We perform feature selection on these data leading to detection of the most indicative parameters for adoption of efficient machine learning strategies. The data analysis enables us to understand behaviour patterns as well as correlation between grid parameters and demand-generation balance to create efficient and viable customized DSM.

The town of Arbon in Switzerland is a demonstrator and the project is carried out in collaboration with Arbon Energie, Siemens and FHNW. We perform the analysis on ten thousand smart meters and almost one hundred power quality measurement devices with a significant number of installed renewable resources and storages.

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