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AQUAMETHPSR. Advanced Quantitative Methods for the Evaluation of the Performance of Public Sector Research



Lepori B.


Filippini M.

(Co-Responsable USI)


This project aims at exploring and exploiting the potential of advanced quantitative methods for evaluating the performance of Public Sector Research (PSR). Analysing in particular the system of universities, this is an exploratory project based on the availability of national data at the microlevel (university or department) that include at least a minimum set of inputs and outputs. Among the inputs we consider mainly: number of personnel by category (research, technical, administrative);(possibly) number of research personnel by type; funding. Among the output we consider: publications and teaching activities.It will be possible to build other structural indicators such as size (number of students), specialisation (number of faculties: generalist vs specialist university), agglomeration (density of other HEI in the same area; characterization of the region). The project is conceived within the Network of Excellence Policies on Research and Innovation in the European Research Area (PRIME).

Additional information

Start date
End date
40 Months
Research areas
S180 Economics, econometrics, economic theory and systems, economic policy