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CHINC - Changing Incomes in University Funding



Lepori B.



The goal of the project Changes in University Incomes and Their Impact on University-Based Research and Innovation (CHINC) is to collect information about the changes in the European research environment and the research incomes of universities, colleges and other higher education institutions. The first goal is to investigate what kind of data collection can become part of an ongoing monitoring system to watch the progression (if any) of the European Research Area. A second goal is to perform a first exploratory analysis of identified trends in order to establish some stylized facts about what is happening in European higher education institutions¿ research. Do shifts in government funding lead to shifts in research portfolios? What about the role of project funding? What is the development in research carried out for business and industry? The challenge is to address these issues on the level of the individual higher education institution rather than of whole national systems as normally done in higher education and research statistics. To perform this analysis, CHINC collected two kinds of data:
- Firstly, set of quantitative data organized in five domains: revenues, expenditures, staff, educational activities and outputs, research outputs. These data were collected by the national correspondents from a variety of sources and integrated in a common data-base.
- Secondly, qualitative information on the institution¿s organization, research strategies and on main changes in research funding and activities, as perceived by the institution¿s responsible. These were collected through documentary analysis and through a series of interviews (either face-to-face or by phone) using a common questionnaire.
The project is carried out at the request of the Institute for Prospective Technology Studies (IPTS), which is one of the Joint Research Centers established by the European Commission by a team of ten research institutions coordinated by NIFU STEP (Norway).

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