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OPERA - Online Personal Education and Risk Assessment



Schulz P. J.



Rubinelli S.


Paolini P.


Bolchini D.


Nakamoto K.


Carrozzo R.



This project is based on the creation of an online risk assessment tool in relation to genetic breast cancer risk. The HCC-Lab is responsible for handling the structuring, refining, and presenting the information. The main objective is to structure information within an effective argumentative setting which meets the needs of individual users. The HCC Lab will also coordinate in-house testing of the tool by three pilot trials. In the first pilot 30 patients will be invited into a clinical facility in central London, and will use the programme under simulated live conditions. In the second pilot, 100 patients living in London, will be invited to try out the programme in their own homes, with a back-up telephone consultation with the project manager within 24 hours of the on-line assessment. In the third phase300 patients across England will be invited to use the programme in their own homes, with telephone support, and consultation with a local cancer genetics team.

Additional information

Start date
End date
24 Months
Research areas
S265 Press and communication sciences
S290 Social medecine