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ECHO - E-course in communication for Health Operators



Schulz P. J.



Rubinelli S.


Tardini S.


Domenighetti G.


Rinaldi S.



ECHO exploits new media to develop learning methods which are best suited to health communication. ECHO is structured in 9 10 hour modules playing around a combination of face-to face lectures (20% of total student work), autonomous work at home (40%) and group work (in class, laboratory and online, 40%). The modules´ topics include theories and methods for the analysis and design applications of health communication at the personal and media levels utilizing traditional and new technological communication channels. ECHO will be tested at the Faculty of Communication sciences of the University of Lugano, the Department of Psychosomatic Medicine/Internal Medicine of Basel UNISPITAL, the Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales (HEC) of the University of Lausanne, and the Scuola Superiore per le Formazioni Sanitarie of Stabio, for a total of approx. 620 students per year.

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Start date
End date
31 Months
Funding sources
Research areas
S265 Press and communication sciences
S290 Social medecine