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OIKODOMOS - A virtual campus to promote the study of dwelling in contemporary Europe



Cantoni L.



OIKODOMOS is a research project financed by the Lifelong Learning programme (2007-2009) carried out by higher education institutions and research centers from Belgium, France, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. The goal of the project is to create a virtual campus to promote the study of dwelling at a European scale. The aim of OIKODOMOS, a Greek word for "to build, to construct a house", is to set an innovative learning structure in motion, incorporating on-line and on-site activities (blended learning). This virtual campus is going to develop new methods to study housing in a multidisciplinary way, interweaving different courses and seminars, digital repositories and on-line learning environments, cases analysis and project workshops taking place at the participating institutions. Community representatives and local authorities in the participating countries are expected to participate in the project´s activities.

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