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Project IVT & Ticino Wine - USI



Lurati F.



The project comprises three phases. The first one aims at giving a picture of the offer of wines from Ticino, focussing on the type of wines produced, distribution channels and markets. The second phase wants to identify and describe Swiss wine consumers's profiles, giving particular attention to consumers of wines from Ticino. This phase includes an analysis of consumers´ perceptions on wines from Ticino, which will be compared to the results obtained in a previous research on the identity of Merlot Ticino as projected by the communications of its producers. In the first phase data will be collected through mail survey directed to winemakers; the second phase provides a telephone survey directed to a representative sample of Swiss consumers. Results obtained in the first two phases and in the research project "The communication of Merlot Ticino" concluded in 2006, will be at the basis of the development of the third phase, that will provide recommendations to develop communication strategies to promote the wine produced in Ticino.

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Start date
End date
10 Months
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Le istituzioni impegnate nel progetto
Research areas
S170 Political and administrative sciences
S191 market study