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Improving the work of medical residents. Logics of action and of judgement at the Hospital Beata Vergine of Mendrisio (VALMEDAS)



Schulz P. J.



Fiordelli M.


Caiata Zufferey M.



After having completed a rigourous and competitive basic education, medical residents have to face difficult working conditions: they are confronted to the moratorium of the medical practices, the increasing volume of administrative work, the pressures from health insurance companies, the reduction of salaries, and the decrease in importance of the role of general practitioner. At the same time, in the last years there has been increased attention to the practical working conditions of medical residents in hospitals. This attention has flown into the introduction, since January 1st 2005, of a law that limits the working time of medical residents in the hospitals to 50 hours per week. The present study is financed by the Hospital Beata Vergine of Mendrisio and it aims to explore the impact of these changes on the quality of the work of medical residents, starting from the point of view of the actors implicated, that is, the medical residents themselves, the senior doctors, and the nurses.

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Start date
End date
3 Months
Research areas
S210 Sociology
S265 Press and communication sciences