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Communications in the Olympics - The Challenge and Opportunity for Beijing 2008 in Intercultural Exchange



Richeri G.



Chen C. C.


Colapinto C.



Taking the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games as a fresh case in communications, this project aims to create the cross-cultural approach between East and West in the contemporary "Olympics Communication Complex", and to investigate the role of communication - especially mass media - in the construction of the social value of the Olympic Games. In particular, it will take into account the change of paradigm occurring with the advent of Internet and the need to develop new regulations in the communication framework of the Olympic Games. With the cooperation of about ten research centers located in the US, Europe, South America and Asia, the project will mainly focus on the most representative audiovisual communication of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. One of the objectives is to identify how the 2008 Olympic Games are reinterpreted by different types of media (TV, radio, press and new media like Internet and mobile) from different countries.

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15 Months