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FAN - Family, Activity and Nutrition



Suggs L. S.



Rangelov N.



As overweight and obesity rates rise in Switzerland, it is becoming increasingly importatnt to find innovative ways to address and counteract the problem. Coupled with the current economy, these innovative strategies must prove cost-effective. The aim of this research project is to test the extent to which low cost technology based interventions have on physical activity and dietary behaviors of families in Ticino. FAN, Family, Activity, Nutrition, is a randomized controlled trial testing tailored communication delievered to families and young children (ages 6-12). Tailored physical activity and nutrition communication is provided to parents weekly, for eight weeks by email, SMS, and an interactive website that allows participants to upload content, receive tips, watch videos and get persoanl advice from a dietician. Children receive tailored communication delivered by post each week. Participants are randomly assigned into one of three groups, 1) interactive website, 2) website plus tailored email, or 3) website plus tailored SMS. A baseline assessment, collecting demographic and behavioural data, will be provided to every participant at enrollment. Follow-up surveys, collecting long-term behaviour change and program evaluation information, will be administered to all participants at end of program and 3 months after enrollment.

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Start date
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32 Months
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S265 Press and communication sciences
S290 Social medecine