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Accendi i sensi (Open your senses)



Suggs L. S.



Szczogryn A.



"Accendi i sensi" (Open your Senses), was held on 11 October, 2009 in Ticino. The project, developed by ORA of Tenero, was a one-day event designed to educate and motivate families with children between the ages of ages 6-10 to improve their diet and increase their physical activity. Professor L. Suzanne Suggs and Ms. Anna Szczogryn, served as external evaluators of the project. The specific objective was to evaluate the Accendi i sensi event and to understand to what extent family members change their dietary behavior at 3 and 6 months after participating in Accendi i sensi and to what extent people liked participating in the event.Assessments administered prior to the event, immediately after, and 3 and 6 months after were used to assess the impact of the event. A baseline assessment collected information about the population, current behaviors, how motivated and confident they are to improve their diet and activity level, the family make-up and which school the child/children attend. A post event survey measured satisfaction with the event. Three and six month follow-up surveys assessed change in behaviors, motivation, self-efficacy and satisfaction with the event.

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Start date
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10 Months
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S265 Press and communication sciences
S290 Social medecine