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Evaluation of the pilot phase of the project “Unità scolastiche differenziate”, USD



Schulz P. J.



Diviani N.


Fabbretti S.


Betté L.



Object of the evaluation is the pilot phase of the project “Unità Scolastiche Differenziate” (USD) starting September 2010 and lasting for a period of two years. The project is targeted to elementary school children presenting learning disabilities caused by endogenous and/or exogenous factors. Aim of the project is to provide these children (around 50 per year) a chance to benefit from a differentiated school context for a period of time of 2 to 3 years. This is considered to be crucial opportunity to favor the future educational, social and professional integration of the child. The main object of the evaluation by ICH will be the processes and procedures introduced by the project, starting from the request by the regular school to consider the child for USD, to when the child is reinserted in the regular elementary school after the USD experience. Particular attention will be devoted to the subjective experience of all the actors involved in the process (elementary school teachers, parents, coordinators, and USD teams). Besides the analysis of the processes, another goal of the evaluation is to assess the adequacy of the USD model by paying particular attention to what is considered the desired outcome of this solution, i.e. the educational and social (re-)integration of the child.

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24 Months