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Perception of back pain and psychosocial pressure at the workplace in the context of migration (PerBack)



Schulz P. J.



Mantwill S.


Sefaj L.



Based on previous studies the Institute of Communication and Health identified differences in perceptions of back pain and psychosocial pressure at workplace between Swiss and non-Swiss citizens. Migrants from neighboring countries (Germany, France and Italy) reported more frequently psychosocial pressure at workplace than Swiss employees and indicated it as being the main reason for back pain.
Based on these results, the current study investigates the relationship of psychosocial pressure and back pain at the workplace in the three largest migrant groups which do not speak one of the official Swiss languages (Serbs, Albanians and Portuguese).
Besides investigating the perception of back pain and psychosocial pressure, the study aims at exploring how foreign employees` deal with health-related information. Especially at the workplace, it is crucial for the employee to be able to understand health-related information and to make informed decisions. Thus, the study will use qualitative and quantitative research methods to investigate the association between health literacy and health information needs.

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23 Months
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