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Extension for the year 2011-12 of the evaluation of the project “Unità scolastiche differenziate”, USD



Schulz P. J.



Diviani N.


Betté L.



During the 2-year evaluation of the pilot phase of the project Unità scolastiche differenziate (USD) only a limited number of children has been reinserted in the regular school. For this reason the amount of data collected on this specific aspects is limited. Given the crucial role of this phase, and in order to get a more comprehensive evaluation of the success of the project, the ICH has been requested to follow the children reinserted in the regular school during the month of September 2012.
The extension of the evaluation has the goal to interview all the families and the teachers of the six children reinserted in the regualr school in September 2012. Similarly to what has been done during the evaluation of the pilot phase, both teachers and parents will be interviewed 3 months (November 2012) and six months (February-March 2013) after the children have been reinserted.

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