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Strategy of public utilities in deregulated energy markets



Filippini M.



The government of the Canton of Basel-Stadt is interested in possible strategies concerningthe reorganization of the Industrielle Werke Basel (IWB). The IWB's activities cover the distributionof electricity, gas, water and district heating. So far, IWB is fully owned by the Cantonand organized as part of the canton's administration. In anticipation of the planned deregulationof the electricity and gas sectors in Switzerland, proposals concerning the future of theIWB were presented by- the management if IWB,- the utility commission (the political supervisory body of IWB) and- a team consisting of finance and construction department employees and managers of IWB.The goal of the study was to develop a "presumably best strategy"for IWB and to compare and discuss the three proposed strategies with this strategy. The resultswere presented in a confidential report to the government of the canton.

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