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Security Assessment in Gas-Electric Networks

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O Malley C., Roald L., Kourounis D., Schenk O., Hug G.
Article in conference proceedings
In many parts of the world, electricity systems are experiencing an increasing amount of gas-fired generation being installed due to its cheap fuel. The flexibility offered by gas generators is considered to be beneficial for electric grids, particularly in the face of increasing renewable generation. However, gas generators are often problematic for the gas network, as they induce large, rapid changes in the demand. The objective of this paper is to investigate the interaction between electrical and gas networks, and how security criteria for gas system operations implicitly impact the operation of the electric grid. Special attention is paid to the incorporation of the gas system dynamics, which have profound impact on the security assessment. To facilitate the assessment, the paper proposes an analysis framework which considers i) preventive security assessment for the gas system, ii) determination of remedial actions and gas load shedding after a contingency occurs, and iii) the impact of the load shedding on the electric grid, given different operating rules for the gas system. A case study shows that the preventive security assessment is beneficial both for the gas and electric grid, and that the security criterion used to determine the required gas system remedial actions impacts the cost of the electric grid.
Conference proceedings
IEEE Xplore Proceedings of the 20th Power Systems Computation Conference
IEEE Xplore Proceedings
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PSCC 2018, 20th Power Systems Computation Conference
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Dublin, Ireland
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June 11-15, 2018
Security; Generators; Steady-state; Compressors; Supply and demand; Systems operation; Pipelines; gas network; transient;security; intercoupled systems