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New Media for Tourism Communication


The course New Media for Tourism Communication will provide students with the methodological tools to conceive, plan and manage new media projects in the field of tourism communication (eTourism). The course will cover a basic introduction to the relevant technological applications of the tourism industry, methods for the design and evaluation of tourism services, together with the management and promotional tools of web-based tourism communication.

When it comes to different levels of knowledge, the abovementioned competences entail that students will be able to

(i) know current eTourism applications, technologies and successful practices;

(ii) know how to plan, run and evaluate eTourism related activities, as well as how to interact fruitfully with ICT experts, especially when it comes to expressing their own needs (user requirements);

(iii) be aware of the crucial role played by ICT within the tourism and hospitality sectors.

The course is organized in formal (ex-cathedra) lessons complemented by case studies and testimonials. The assessment will be undertaken in a form of collaborative group projects (30%) and a written exam (70%).

Reading materials

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Cantoni L.

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Kalbaska N.

Docente titolare del corso

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Master of Arts in Economics and Communication in International Tourism, Corso di base, Conoscenze di base, 1° anno