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Advanced Business Strategy


Il corso è tenuto in inglese

Contenuto del corso
This course covers a set of topics that supplement previous strategy courses in the first and second year. The main aims of the course are to:

  • Understand strategic operations management
  • Understand the resource allocation process in large organizations
  • Understand the choice of organizational structure for large organizations
  • Provide the link between different areas and functions in the organization

We will look more specifically at the link between strategy and operations, the choice of supply chain and service operations. We will discuss the models for resource allocation in multi-divisional firms, types of diversification, degree of internationalization, and vertical integration. We will also look more closely at the selection and type of partners in international alliances and joint ventures. The course will provide a set of theoretical as well as practical tools and frameworks for analyzing the issues discussed.

Testi di riferimento
Course material will be provided when needed. There is no text book for the course.



Larsen E. R.

Docente titolare del corso

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Anno accademico
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Bachelor of Arts in Scienze economiche, Corso di specializzazione, 3° anno