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Tourism and World Heritage


The aim of this course is to provide students with a good knowledge of the World Heritage (WH) system and its relationship with tourism. It starts presenting the UNESCO conventions, orientations and recommendations on WH. It then offers a presentation of WH in terms of thematic, spatial and geographical distribution. It insists on the evolution of the heritage concept as it can be understood through the UNESCO list. It presents and analyses the relationship between WH sites and tourism. A selection of case studies allows to understand the various situations of cultural, natural and mixed WH properties in terms of tourism development. Finally, the course insists on questions related to tourism management on WH sites.

The course is offered as a four days block course. Every day consists of lectures, group works and discussions. Course evaluation will be based on these three elements (group works 30%; in-class participation 10%; and a final exam 60%).

A book that will serve as a reference for the course is:

Bourdeau, Gravari-Barbas and Robinson (2015) World Heritage, Tourism and Identity, Ashgate.



Gravari-Barbas M.

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Master of Arts in Economics and Communication in International Tourism, Corso di base, Conoscenze di base, 1° anno