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Managerial Economics II


This course is a laboratory of Applied Microeconomics for research in the field of Industrial Organization. The main objective is to learn to apply microeconomic analytical tools and empirical methods to the analysis of various issues in industrial organization. Several network industries will be explored. Particular attention will be paid to the electricity and Telecom sectors. The course will focus on the following issues: economic characteristics of natural monopoly, institutional reforms, regulation and deregulation, corporate finance and investment analysis. The course stresses applied aspects, which means that a set of analytical tools will be provided for the students throughout the lectures. The applied nature of the course is achieved by turning theory into practice while discussing papers and real cases.

Course outline

  • Basic microeconomics of natural monopoly
  • Demand and Cost analysis
  • Government regulation
  • Deregulation of network industries
  • Investment and capital structure analysis
  • Sector analysis and applications to utilities

J.R. McGuigan, R.C. Moyer e F.H. Harris, Managerial Economics, SouthWestern, New York, 2005. (some chapters) W. K. Viscusi, J. Harrington, and J. Vernon. Economics of Regulation and Antitrust 4th edition, (2005). (some chapters)

Group presentation 30%
Final written exam 70% 



Balmer R.

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Master of Science in Economics in Economic Policy, Corso di specializzazione, 1° anno

Master of Science in Economics in Management, Corso di base, 1° anno