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Organizational Learning


This course  will consist of the presentation of concepts of organizational learning and the discussion of practical cases. It aims at exploring the different ways in which organizations learn from past experiences and change themselves accordingly. Since decisions on important organizational changes can be undertaken successfully only if the organizational members are willing and able to learn from prior experiences, they need to overcome their (quite natural) resistance to change. Therefore several different approaches to organizational learning and change, as well as considerations concerning the management of employees during change processes will be discussed. Also internationalization of companies leads to opportunities for and constraints of organizational learning. The course will therefore also discuss various approaches to the management of subsidiaries in different countries. Finally, learning is also necessary in leadership, i.e. the ability to communicate and motivate organizational members for change needs to be acquired in learning processes. This course will therefore, as a final step, also look at learning steps that successful leaders have to take.



Beck N.

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Master of Science in Economics in Management, Corso a scelta, 1° anno

Master of Science in Management and Informatics, Corso a scelta, 1° e 2° anno