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Research Methods


This course aims at providing students with relevant knowledge that they need to apply 1) in the upcoming field projects, 2) in their Master’s dissertation, and 3) in relevant situations during their working career. The course will focus on everything that exists around statistics and that is needed to successfully conduct and understand an empirical study. This means that the theoretical foundation of empirical studies will be discussed as well as sampling, questionnaire construction, and experiments in management research. However, also techniques of qualitative empirical studies will be a subject of this course. This means that students will be confronted with different types of qualitative interviews as well as different techniques of analyzing qualitative data.

The group assignments will count for 35% of the grade while the final exam will count for 65%.

Reference books
J. F. Hair. et al. (2007): Research Methods for Business. West Sussex: John Wiley and sons.
M. Saunders, P. Lewis, and A. Thornhill (2007): “Research Methods for Business Students” Essex: Prentice-Hall, henceforth “SLT”.



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