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Lingua inglese


Goals and contents
The objective of this course is to improve all the language skills enabling students to reach an upper-intermediate level (B2 of the Council of Europe’s Common European Framework of Reference for language learning) in general English.

There is a placement test at the beginning of the year to form 4 groups. Students should attend their courses on the days and times set: if anyone needs to change group for any reason, this may be arranged, subject to level. Lessons will be based on course books: students should only buy the books once they know which group they will be in. Students are reminded that language is not merely knowledge of grammar and vocabulary, but also a skill, and as such needs to be practised. Attendance at the lessons cannot therefore be replaced by intensive study just before the exams. Homework, including written work for correction, will be set regularly but it is the student’s own responsibility to read, study and practise sufficiently to reach the level required. Students placed in group 4 are required to take a B1 exam at the end of the first year and will continue the course in their second year to take the final exam at the end of their fourth semester.

Consultation hours
For any extra help, tutoring, questions, etc., appointments can be arranged by email for any day of the week, subject to teaching commitments, or immediately before or after lessons.

Students who have already taken external certification at this level (e.g. Cambridge First Certificate in English and above, IELTS Band 5.5 and above*) are exempted both from attending the course and taking the exam. The same applies to those students who, having taken the placement test at the beginning of the first semester, already prove to be above B2 level.

*Certificates from private schools (Wall Street, British Institutes, etc.), TOEFL and TOEIC are not recognised.


The first-year examination is broadly based upon the First Certificate of English with a written paper consisting of Use of English, Writing and Listening, followed by an oral exam. Students may only take the oral if they first pass the written paper. If a student fails the oral section, the whole exam (including the written paper) has to be retaken.

Students may not enrol for the "Inglese settoriale" or "Cultura e scrittura inglese" exams until they have first passed the exam for the "Lingua inglese" (lettorato) course. It is not possible to "validate" a failing grade for this course in any way.

Reference texts
It will be necessary to buy the course books and in some cases the workbooks: students will be told which they will use, depending on their entrance test results.

Self-study materials
Simplified readers are available for loan in the library. Further information about multimedia materials available and advice about useful web sites can be found on the moodle platform



Dawson C.

Docente titolare del corso

Sharma S.

Docente titolare del corso

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Anno accademico
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Bachelor of Arts in Lingua, letteratura e civiltà italiana, Corso di base, Corso di lingua, 1° anno

Bachelor of Science in Scienze della comunicazione, Corso di base, Corso di lingua, 1° anno