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Masterclasses II



The aim of this masterclass is to discuss two out of the three main theories about the persistence of objects through time with two of their leading supporters. Achille Varzi will introduce the stage theory, defend it from criticisms and offer arguments in favour of it. Kit Fine will do the same about three-dimensionalism.



The course is divided into two parts. The first one, taught by Achille Varzi, introduces and defends the stage theory, according to which no object persists. The second one, taught by Kit Fine, introduces and defends three-dimensionalism, according to which objects persist and do so by being wholly present at each instant of their persistence. The course will cover the precise characterization of the view and the growing controversies concerning their proper definition. Varzi and Fine will then adopt their own version of the views and defend them from the criticisms that are discussed in contemporary discussions. Finally, they will provide what they consider being the most conclusive arguments for favouring their view vis-à-vis all other competing theories.



The course consists of a series of lectures and discussions.



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Varzi A.

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Master of Arts in Philosophy, Corso di base, 1° anno