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English for Economists III addresses the needs of graduate students to continue improving and consolidating their English language skills. One objective is to promote confidence and fluency, by building up a richer vocabulary and a more profound appreciation of the English language of economics. Approximately one half of the term will be devoted to reading and analysing texts from the specialist press, which will serve as a happy hunting ground for useful terminology and for clues to identifying and discussing issues. For the rest of the term, emphasis will be placed on student participation and interaction, through oral presentations designed to encourage confidence in spoken English. In addition, advice and guidance will be provided in drafting application and motivation letters and personal statements. Class work and participation will be taken into account in the final evaluation.  All students are required to sit a formal written examination in the official examination session.

No prescribed textbooks. Reading material will be made available by the teacher.

Students from all Master’s programmes of the Faculty of Economics, as well as Erasmus or exchange students, are welcome to attend.



Cain-Polli S.

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