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Film Economics and Management


The course investigates how the film industry works in general, as well as the public policies that support the film industry in Europe. The first part of the course explores the so-called “film value chain”: production, distribution and exhibition (theatrical exhibition, digital release, film broadcasting), maintaining a constant comparison between Europe and the United States. Particular attention will be paid to blockbuster movies in terms of budget, production design, release pattern, promotional strategies and box-office results.

The second part of the course, instead, investigates the public policies that regulate and support film industry in Europe: supra-national policies (European Union and Council of Europe), national policies (national/federal governments) and local policies. In the final lecture, an international co-production will be analyzed as case study for putting into praxis all the contents investigated during the course.

At the end of the course, students will have an in-depth knowledge about the economics principle that govern film business and its trends. Moreover, they will be able to identify the political and socio-cultural factors that influence film industry in different geographic areas.



Cucco M.

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Master of Science in Communication in Media Management, Corso di base, Corsi obbligatori, 1° anno