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Programming Styles


You are a good programmer. You are fluent in multiple programming languages. But can you program in style? This course is a journey through the landscape of programming languages and idioms. You will discover a multitude of dramatically different programming styles. A style arises from a set of constraints you impose on your code. Styles are independent of a given programming language. You can use many different programming languages to write code in a given style. In this course you won't just hear about and discuss various styles. You will practice those styles. You will look at programming as an art, and like a budding artist—be it a painter, a writer, or a musician—you will practice producing works in multiple artistic styles.




  • Mandatory textbook: Cristina Videira Lopes. Exercises in Programming Style. CRC Press. 2014. ISBN 9781482227376 
  • This course uses Informa as a learning platform. Check the "Programming Styles" course site, with course themes, topics, skills, labs, readings, and more at https://informa2.inf.usi.ch/courses



Hauswirth M.

Docente titolare del corso

Blicha M.


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Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence, Corso a scelta, Corso, 1° anno

Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence, Corso a scelta, Corso, 2° anno

Master of Science in Software & Data Engineering, Corso di base, Corso, 1° anno