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Intercultural communication


Drzewiecka J.

Docente titolare del corso

Hernandez G.



Course Objectives
This course examines how culture and cultural differences shape interpersonal, intergroup and mediated communication. Key inter-cultural concepts and their application to current intercultural pro-cesses, including debates about cultural differences and intergroup relations, will be examined in detail.
Learning Goals:

  • Understand and apply intercultural communication concepts.
  • Understand differences in interpretation of social reality among cultural groups.
  • Recognize the influence of history and power in intercultural communication.
  • Develop knowledge and skills for informed and engaged global citizenship.

Course Description

  • Culture and cultural differences
  • Belonging and identity
  • Self and Other
  • Discourse and Ideology
  • Prejudice and Stereotypes; Social Psychological and Cultural Approaches
  • Differences and Exclusion: Race, Ethnicity, Nationality
  • Solidarity and Inclusion in Multiculturality

Learning Methods
This course is taught in English. The teaching methods include lectures, readings, discussions, oral and written reading reports, and self-directed learning.

Course Evaluation
Each student will be assessed through work they do throughout the course (30%) and an individual exam (70%) held during the examination period.
The final individual exam (70%) consists of multiple choice and short answer questions. 30% of the assessment takes place in class, during the semester, and consists of oral and written assignments.

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