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Marcello Gisondi



Marcello Gisondi is post-doc researcher at the Laboratorio Studi Civili (LSC) of the University of Lugano. He studied philosophy at the Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich and graduated at the University of Naples Federico II. He attended the Master in Civic Education organised in Asti by Princeton University (2008-10).

He earned his PhD at the University of Naples with a thesis on Antonio Banfi’s thought. On the same topic, he published the book Una fede filosofica. Antonio Banfi negli anni della sua formazione (Rome, 2015).

His studies focused on the history of Italian philosophy, on natural law and political philosophy. On these topics, he has published several articles and discussed papers in various European universities (Halle-Wittenberg, Munich, Besançon, University College London, Paris SciencesPo, Complutense de Madrid, King's College and University of Strathclyde).

His current research focuses both on the history of populism and its current manifestation in European democracies.