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Tharcisio Cotta Fontainha



Tharcisio Cotta Fontainha is a visiting researcher at the Humanitarian Operations Research Center in the Faculty of Economics at USI (Switzerland), Project Coordinator at the Humanitarian Assistance and Needs for Disasters (HANDs, Brazil) and a PhD student in Production Engineering at PUC-Rio (Brazil). He received an Honorable Mention in 2013 for his research paper presented at a Brazilian Symposium in Production Engineering, and a Scholarship Award in 2014 to develop part of his PhD research in Germany.

His research interest is in strategic relationships and process management in disaster and humanitarian operations, focusing in the interactions among stakeholders from private, public and social groups. He has a bachelor’s degree in Production Engineering (UERJ, Brazil), a master’s degree in Production Engineering (UFRJ, Brazil) and is current a PhD student in Production Engineering at PUC-Rio (Brazil), developing his research partially at the Münster University (Germany) and at USI (Switzerland).

He has experience in research projects involving reference models for Organizational Management, Knowledge Management, Reliability Management and Industrial Safety (UFRJ, Brazil). He currently coordinates and develops research projects at HANDs in partnership with the Rio Operations Center (COR, Brazil), the National Center for Natural Disaster Monitoring and Alarms (CEMADEN, Brazil), the National Center for Risk and Disaster Management (CENAD, Brazil) and the World Bank. His research has resulted in papers published and presented in Brazilian and international conferences, and specialized journals, in the areas of engineering and disaster management.