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Rebecca Venema



Rebecca Venema is a post-doctoral researcher at the Institute of Digital Technologies for Communication (ITDxC). From 2013 until 2017 she was a research associate in the research project "Communicative Figurations of ethical debates in the field of the economy: Deliberative and moralizing communication in media change" at the interdisciplinary Centre for Media, Communication, and Information Research (ZeMKI) at the University of Bremen.

She holds a BA in Sociology, Political Science, and Media Studies from the University of Siegen and a MA in Communication and Media Studies with a specialization in Empirical Communication Research from Leipzig University. Her research interests include norms and ethics of communication and technology usage; visual communication; surveillance studies; datafication and everyday life; discourses on privacy and security; empirical research methods and research ethics.

Rebecca received her Ph.D. in Communication Science at USI with a dissertation on the construction of norms in mediated public discourses in which she examined the construction of norms in mediated public discourses for a highly topical area of application, i.e. visual data practices.

Currently, she is the young scholars’ representative in the Visual Communication Division of the German Communication Association (DGPuK).