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Lisa Märcz



Lisa Märcz is an assistant doctoral student at the Faculty of Communication Sciences, Institute of Marketing and Communication Management (IMCA) at USI.

He is committed to the guidance and coordination of students in the BA Marketing seminar and the MA Critical Consumer Behavior seminar, supervised by Prof. Michael Gibbert. She is a new coordination member of the WCP World Challenges Program, Tackling World Challenges (TWC) and Intercultural Communication and Economics (ICE).

Her research interests focus on human-animal relations, wildlife management, animal behavior, interdisciplinary science and sustainability. She studied biosciences, cultural anthropology and American studies in Germany (Rostock and Mainz) and Switzerland (Zurich and Berne) and published her BA thesis at the University of Mainz about human children anthropological perspective. After her MA thesis" Animal Agency: How to wolf agents affect human everyday lives.", current projects includes, inter alia, human-wolf relations in Switzerland and Europe.