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Maria Giovanna Sami



Mariagiovanna Sami graduated in Electronic Engineering from Politecnico diMilano. In 1971 she obtained her Libera Docenza in Switching theory and Digitalcomputers. Since 1970 she was a Lecturer at Politecnico di Milano, wheresince 1980 she is Full Professor (SSD ING-INF 05). From 1987 to 1990 shewas Chairperson of the Department of EECS of Politecnico di Milano. From1993 to 1996 she chaired the Equal Opportunities Committee of Politecnicodi Milano. She is at present the Scientific Director of the ALaRI Institute at theUniversity of Lugano (Switzerland).
Her research activities have always focused on problems relating to complexdigital systems; in particular her contributions have been in the areas of designmethodologies for embedded systems characterized by high performances,fault-tolerance and low power consumption. She is the author or co-authorof over two hundred scientific papers published in international journals andconference proceedings, as well as of two books published by MIT Press andby Kluwer International, respectively. She has been on the Board of Editors ofIEEE Transactions on Computers, IEEE Design and Test, of the Journal of ElectronicTesting, and on the Advisory Board of IEEE Computer Magazine. Shehas been Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Systems Architecture.