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Reto Hofstetter



Reto Hofstetter is Associate Professor of Marketing Management at the Institute of Marketing and Communication Management of the University of Lugano, Switzerland. His research and teaching is related to price, new product, and digital marketing management. In his research he empirically analyses consumers' behavior and their judgements and decision making. Current research topics include crowdsourcing and online creativity, consumer engagement and incentivation, and consumer self-presentation and self-reports. Articles out of this research got published in journals like the Journal of Marketing Research, Management Science, or the Journal of Product Innovation Managment.

Reto Hofstetter got his PhD in Marketing and an MSc and BSc in BA with a minor in Economics from the University of Bern, Switzerland. He also holds a BSc (Dipl. Ing. FH) in Computer Science. During his PhD and as a post-doc, he visited the University of Pennsylvania (Wharton) and Stanford University. At Lugano, he teaches classes in digital marketing management, marketing research, and price management.

Selected Work


Consumer behavior and new media, consumer creativity and engagement, consumer self-presentation and self-reports, willingness-to-pay, behavioral pricing, user-generated content, social networks, crowdsourcing.

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