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Zhan Zhang



Zhan Zhang joined the faculty of Communication Sciences Insititute of Media and Journalism of Lugano University in 2011 and works for the Chinese Media Observatory.

Zhan finished her bachelor and first master degree in TV Journalism in Communication University of China (Beijing), and accomplished her European master degree in Aarhus University (Denmark) and University of Florence (Italy) with the rewarded Erasmus scholarship in Arts in Media, Communication and Culture Studies. She worked both for Chinese media (CCTV, KaiMing Publisher) and Western media (The Independent, Variety) before her academic career. She finished her PhD in Communication Sciences at USI in April 2015 with a thesis entitled "Framing China: Media Outlets, News Practices and Challenges", summa cum laude. 

Since she joined CMO in 2011, she has published in the field of media narrative analysis, media diplomacy, foreign media's news practice in China as well as China's public diplomacy. She is the co-editor for the inaugural issue of the journal Global Media and China (2016) and a special issue on the Journal Studies of Communication Science(2014). She is the project manager (in Europe and America) for the Europe-CHINA Dialogue in Media and Communication Studies Summer School (co-organized with School of Journalism and Communication, Peking University), which took place at Peking University (Beijing) in 2014, 2015, and at USI (Lugano) in 2016.  

She is now funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation for her early post-doc project "Mediated Reconstruction of Regional Interdependence Following the 2008 Financial Crisis: The Case of Europe and China", and she is based at Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism of University of South California, Los Angeles, the United States.