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AlpStore - Strategies to use a variety of mobile and stationary storages to allow for extended accessibility and the integration of renewable energies



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Sun, wind, water, geothermal energy and biomass are the natural capital of the Alpine Space - and the essential foundation of future societal and economic development. The Alpine Space is therefore predestined for decentralised generation of power from renewable energy sources (RES). Many of those are intermittent: since demand side management offers limited potential, intelligent storage technologies can provide for cost effective buffering in metropolitan as well as scattered habitats.
The extension of pumped hydro storages meets natural and societal barriers. Other technologies can bring added value to homes, towns and regions. Electric vehicles can provide short time balancing. Mobile storage must be conbined with stationary storage (battery, gas, hydrogen). In the mobility sector gas vehicles will compete with battery electric traction systems.
Besides intelligent grids, storage systems will be key enablers for a future mostly renewable energy supply - and our focus here is on the societal, geographic and climatological characteristics of the Alpine space in this context. There is much uncertainty among decisionmakers as to the viability of small, medium and large scale storage systems. Deploying explorative and piloting actions ALPSTORE will assess which mixture of technolgies will best match the Alpine space needs, and implement combined storage and mobility concepts in regional and municipal planning.
Our efforts are focused on compiling national programs and masterplan profiles, and understanding the spatial and sustainability implications of this rising infrastructure. As one of many examples in a wide range of technologies and systems, electric vehicles will be integral elements of the future energy system. Their networked batteries can be charged with excessive power from intermittent energy sources and electricity can be fed into the grid to meet peak loads. Beyond short term balancing with EVs, stationary batteries can serve long term balancing needs.

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