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Tairona, an Open Source Platform for Worldwide Meeting and Tutoring

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Regazzoni F., Bonesana I., Djakov M., Mattiuz A.
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Tairona is a web-based platform for real time meeting and tutoring. It aims to provide a solution for face to face synchronous communication between the tutor and the students in remote faculties and similar environments where a life meeting in not possible. In particular the application is tailored on needs of a scenario that is very unique: in the considered institution in fact, teachers and students meet themselves only for the week necessary to complete the course. In this paper we present the requirements that led us to design and implement Taiorna.
Atti di conferenza
World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia and Telecommunications 7 (ED-MEDIA 07)
Luogo conferenza
Vancouver, Canada
Parole chiave
java, learning, remote application, voice over IP (VoIP)