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Istituto di scienze computazionali (ICS)


Advanced mathematical modeling and high performance methods in numerical simulations open new perspectives for science, research and economy. Exploiting the capabilities of modern supercomputers, increasingly complex problems can be tackled - covering a very broad spectrum of disciplines, from exact and natural sciences to economics and social sciences, including biomedical, environmental, materials, and engineering sciences. The ICS provides a unique research environment, where strong competences in modeling, simulation and information science come together in an open and application oriented atmosphere.

Our aim is the efficient modeling and simulation of nonlinear processes on multiple scales in scientific and biomechanical applications. Current projects include biomechanics, contact problems in elasticity with and without friction, nonconforming domain decomposition methods, nonlinear and non-smooth multigrid methods, parallel nonlinear solution methods, adaptive finite elements for complex geometries, and the coupling of molecular dynamics and finite element discretizations.

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