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Advanced Learning and Research Institute (ALaRI)


The Advanced Learning and Research Institute (ALaRI), Faculty of Informatics, was established in 1999 at the University of Lugano (Università della Svizzera italiana) with the mission of promoting research and education in embedded systems. The Faculty of Informatics within very few years has become one of the Switzerland major destinations for teaching and research, ranking third after the two Federal Institutes of Technology, Zurich and Lausanne. Since Spring 2015 ALaRI modified its teaching and research objectives and focused its mission on Cyber-Physical and Embedded Systems.

ALaRI offers the unique opportunity to obtain a Master degree in Cyber-Physical and Embedded Systems in cooperation with Politecnico di Milano and Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich. This newly designed master program is among the first in the world addressing the fast growing area of cyber-physical and embedded systems, i.e., systems and “hidden” computational devices directly interacting with the physical world. Just looking around we discover that cyber-physical and embedded systems are present at home, at work, in the environment itself, by providing the backbone technologies to design smart homes, buildings and cities, enable the internet of things, support smart energy production, management and metering, facilitate smart transportation and healthcare - and this is only a preliminary and very concise list! As an immediate consequence, the related industrial field is continuously growing with annual revenue in the order of trillion euros.

The Master of Science in Cyber-Physical and Embedded Systems offers exclusive challenging opportunities to application designers and system developers, by integrating different areas such as microelectronics, physical modeling, computer science, machine learning, telecommunication and control, and focusing on the most advanced applications.

The educational model focuses on a system-level methodological perspective as well as on the development of interpersonal skills proven to be indispensable in today’s industry, such as team work, marketing and management strategies. ALaRI research activities focus on topics of great scientific interest and industrial applicability, based on real-life design methodologies taking into account system properties such as performance, dependability, intelligence, security and energy efficiency. Finally, ALaRI takes actively part in several European and National research programs in the field of cyber-physical and embedded systems.