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Logistics Service


The Logistics Service provides support to both Lugano and Mendrisio Campus.

On the Lugano Campus, for phones and A/V (projectors and audio equipment) please refer to Filippo Bortone; for heating, sanitary system and other maintenance related requests, please contact Sergio Lavio and Donato Gambino; for printing requests please refer to Ruggero Lai at the Copy Centre (office 139).

Filippo Bortone (office 121): 058 666 4710,
Sergio Lavio (office 121): 058 666 4600,
Donato Gambino (office 121): 058 666 4519,
Ruggero Lai (Copy Centre, office 139): 058 666 4586,

On Mendrisio Campus please refer to Marco Corti and Francesco Talaia.

Marco Corti: 058 666 5820,
Francesco Talaia: 058 666 5726,