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Salvatore Maione


Salvatore Maione is a Ph.D. Student in Marketing at the Faculty of Communication, Culture and Society of Università della Svizzera italiana. His research is mainly concerned with analysis of consumers' preferences through the adoption of discrete choice models (Hybrid Choice Models, in particular).

He has been elected as member of the USI Academic Senate for the period 2021/23 and he is also a member of the relative Presidential Office and Electoral Committee.

From January 2019, he collaborates (part-time) with Quality Assurance Service to the mapping, analysis and optimization of the internal processes using the business process management tool BOC ADONIS; he has supported the USI organisational chart update; he constantly provides statistical support (Qualtrics certified) to other administrative services in the University.

Before joining USI community, he worked as statistical programmer using the statistical software SAS at CROS NT in Verona (IT).

With regard to his studies, Salvatore completed his Master's Degree in Statistics with a grade of 110/110 with honors at the University of Bologna (IT). The topic of his thesis concerned a non-parametric clustering adopting a Dirichlet process in the Bayesian inferential statistics.

Previously, he obtained his Bachelor degree in Statistics with a grade of 110/110 with honors at the University of Naples "Federico II" (IT). The topic of his thesis concerned the adoption of multidimensional models and structural equations models (SEM) for the evaluation of the university system.