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DIGIREP - Digital Repository



Russ-Mohl S.


Porlezza C.



Academic communication and media studies have attracted an increasing number of students during the last decade. At present the student numbers seem to stabilize on a high level, but the scarce resources obstruct the delivery of high quality teaching, especially on undergraduate level. The institutes of communication and media studies of the Universities of Zurich, Bern, Fribourg, and Lugano, and the Zürcher Fachhochschule therefore want to improve the teaching quality by setting up a digital repository of shareable high quality learning objects introducing to communication and media studies. These materials will be designed to support blended learning scenarios and will include four elements:1. A set of high quality learning units for self study, introducing the students to the key approaches and methods of communication and media studies;2. A collection of case studies designed for the students to improve their problem solving skills;3. A collection of Assessment Techniques, designed for the teachers to use in their face-to-face and online-teaching, and for the students to support active learning and communication;4. A set of instruments for quality assurance helping the teachers to effectively use the e-learning tools in appropriate didactical environments.The learning materials will become a compulsory element of the curricula of the four universities and the two universities of applied science who will develop the Digital Repository. The Digital Repository is compatible with the Bologna Reform and the European Credit Transfer System ECTS. The six partners have agreed each to contribute to the development of the digital repository with own resources.

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24 Months
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swissuniversities / Swiss Virtual Campus