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e-LE.AR.ning CHANNEL PROJECT - Analisi dell’impatto dell’ICT sul sistema legno-arredo - eLearning Channel Project



Cantoni L.


Triacca L.



The project is a result of a joint study carried out by CLAC and USI on the use of new communication and information technologies (ICT) in small to medium businesses in the wooden furnishings sector. The aim of the project is to raise awareness among business owners and managers on how the impact of new communication technologies can affect the relationship between Producers of the Wood Furnishings System (in the province of Como) and the Distributing businesses (in Italian-speaking Switzerland) and how these instruments affect and modify commercial relationships in an area which is characterised by a very high level of commercial trading (between the Comasco and Canton Ticino areas). It is not enough to merely present one´s employees with innovative technological instruments if they are to be used profitably. When faced with innovation, a common response is a fear of change: people feel insecure and are reluctant to leave behind tried and tested methods to try out new and unfamiliar ones. Only by setting up a good communication strategy and by designing a plan for implementation can these innovative technologies be put into practice and used efficiently and successfully. More specifically, it is necessary to develop new skills within the wooden-furniture production and distribution system, capable of managing activities for commercial development through e-business (business to business). Indeed, the project aims to develop training programmes which will allow the growth and development of new skills involving both the use of new technologies and an understanding of the commercial strategies linked to them.

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Start date
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24 Months
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Swiss Confederation
European and International Programmes / Interreg