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CATCH - Communication Technologies for Cultural Heritage



Cantoni L.


Bolchini D.


Inversini A.



CATCH will develop a blended learning course on the use of advanced communication technologies in cultural heritage. The target public are students in communication sciences, in computer sciences and cultural-heritage related disciplines. Important targets are also professionals in the cultural institutions, who already demonstrated interests in accessing learning courses on these topics. The course is structured in 5 core modules emphasizing case studies and best practices in the use of advanced technologies (interactive applications and 3D environments) for an effective valorization and communication of cultural heritage (experiences of museum and cultural institutions and research labs in the area of archaeology communication, and cultural tourism). Moreover, one advanced module will treat themes related to the user experience in cultural heritage communication and accessibility. Finally a module dedicated to cross-module assignments and self-assessments will enable the learners to verify the outcome of their learning path. The project is coordinated by the Technology Enhanced Communication Laboratory (TEC-Lab) of the University of Lugano, which is already running an advanced master in Technology-Enhanced Communication for Cultural Heritage ( and will mainly use the CATCH resources both as a support to the Master and as an educational offer for professionals who cannot attend the master program. TEC-Lab participates also to two European Networks of Excellence in the Field, DELOS: digital libraries; EPOCH: Open Cultural Heritage, where there is strong interest in adopting CATCH modules. The second partner is MiraLab of the University of Geneve, which provides its expertise on the use of 3D technology for communicating cultural heritage. University of Basel contributes with a specific module on antiquities in cultural heritage, thus providing an insight for understanding with concrete examples what cultural heritage may be and what are its implications. Finally, content contribution from professionals from the field (from the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art), which already involved in the teaching activities at University of Lugano, will greatly enrich the quality of the course delivered.

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Start date
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24 Months
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swissuniversities / Swiss Virtual Campus